Zapier Integration: Send Callrail SMS Upon trigger


Hi Product Management,

I’m in the real estate industry and I’m trying to setup lead gen funnels from facebook and other data sources. Upon capture of a lead, the required behavior is to send an SMS message to the lead confirming with them the action they just took. This helps with message/stickiness. I’m using Zapier to automate a lot of the triggers/processes and found on them a ton of apps that would allow the sending of SMS upon a trigger, but not callrail. I’m heavily invested in callrail as I use several phone numbers in various data farms and ideally would love to stay consistent and use those same numbers to send SMS messages.

Would be great if you can create a Zapier integration allowing the sending of an SMS message from Callrail.

Thank you!!



As far as I know, unless the person grants permission for you to send them texts, you are exposing yourself to rather stiff fines per text. That permission has to be kept for 2 years, I think.