WordPress Call Tracking Plugin


wordpress.org is showing your plugin has only been tested to version 5.1.1 of Wordpress. Can you confirm it works properly under 5.2.1?

Also, our Wordpress sites are currently using the Javascript number swap hard coded into our pages. I would like to remove this and simply use your WordPress plugin. Do you see any advantages/disadvantages in doing so?


Hi @eastside, we have tested & confirmed our plugin on 5.2 and will update our plugin “tested on” version to reflect that soon, likely within the next week.

Regarding your other question, the benefit of using our WordPress plugin is that you will not need to do anything once it is installed & tested successfully. When you use “custom” javascript, Wordpress indicates that it may be overwritten when they release updates. When you use the CallRail plugin, you don’t have that risk. We will also test the plugin against new versions of Wordpress, and make updates or fixes as necessary specifically to that plugin. Fundamentally they will both perform the same tasks, but using the plugin has the added benefit that all the maintenance falls to us.

I hope that was helpful - thanks for being a member of our community!