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Interview with Michael Anderson, Co-Founder of Wonderist Agency

What does Wonderist do?
Wonderist Agency is a full-service marketing agency, and we focus exclusively on private-practice dentists. When we started the company about 5 years ago, we noticed the dental marketing space is very fragmented. Someone might go to one company for a website, another company to do their direct mail, another for their social or digital ads.

We’ve come in as a young company that’s taken a fresh approach, focusing on better design and digital marketing to make sure the offices we work with are approaching marketing in a more modern and current way that’s effective or successful for them.

Why did your company need a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?
We’re one of the only agencies in our space that takes data-focused marketing seriously. We understand that not every single thing we do is going to work. But having tools that lets us quantify and track the results helps us be more efficient, and make better decisions that are more likely to succeed. It’s OK to have a campaign not work – you don’t hit home runs every time – but having clarity about “why” something did or didn’t work makes all the difference.

Calls are still far and away the channel that’s most likely to result in good leads, so how do we track them better? From the start, CallRail seemed like the best choice for us based on our needs.

Which CallRail features do you use the most?
By setting an automatic baseline for a good call, and letting us review the conversation later if need be, CallScore helps us judge these leads so much more efficiently than before. The results provided by CallScore give us a better idea of what kinds of calls produce the most solid leads and customers – measured in factors like call length and the amount of back-and-forth in a conversation. With this, we can start making judgments about what kinds of calls are worth a human review.

So not only do we have an automatic solution in place now for grading lead quality, but it’s also helping us make more effective decisions around lead generation, ultimately saving us a lot of time and money. CallScore doesn’t completely eliminate the human element, but it’s made the whole process so much more efficient for us.

How are you analyzing data from CallRail and sharing it with your team?
We believe in data transparency. We love that CallRail gives us the ability to add an unlimited number of client-side users for free, and that’s a big advantage you have over a lot of other services.

So we start by making sure that each of our clients has their own login to their CallRail dashboard, so they can go in and view their data for themselves, and actually play back recorded calls. At least once a month, we provide all of our clients with a “walkthrough” of the data and reporting we’ve collected for them.

How has CallRail changed or improved how you market for your clients?
CallRail provides us with clear, understandable data we can take to customers to prove their marketing dollars are being spent well. There’s incredible value to that transparency and visibility, especially since advertising is becoming more and more complex, and even inaccessible to smaller practices.

We have so many dentists that call and say, “I know I need to do this SEO thing,” but they’re still struggling to understand why exactly it’s so important. With CallRail, we bring them understandable and clear numbers, like showing how the number of calls being driven by organic search is increasing year-on-year. That’s a tangible way to demonstrate the work we’re doing for our clients, and it makes them feel much more confident about us.

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