Why is GCLID lost on landing page swap numbers?


Why would GCLID be lost when a number is configured as “visitors to a landing page containing” and you let Callrail feed the conversion back to GA? If the GCLID was passed through to GA, couldn’t GA attach it to an Adwords Campaign on its own?


Hi @buzzmaven! Thanks for posting your question. To answer, the GCLID is not lost if you use this option and we can still push the conversion into GA and AdWords. Where you could be having trouble is if you don’t have a keyword pool set up. You do need to use a keyword pool for us to capture that and if you’re not, we won’t find the GCLID and be able to send the conversion to AdWords. If you can provide clarification as to if you have a keyword pool set up or not, we can go from there. :slightly_smiling_face:



Nick gave me a great explainer on this. If we use a “non pool” number, we
could have many visitors looking at it at once. This destroys GLCID
integrity… thus the pool requirement.