Why does Google Analytics treats Calls as "Users"?


After integrating CallRail with Google Analytics we discovered it is recording all the calls as website “users” and this is skewing the stats for actual website users (many of the calls do not come from the website since they are from Google My Business or other offline tracking numbers). Is there a way to prevent “Offline / Direct” CallRail calls from being recorded as Users in Google Analytics?


Hi @HarleyR! Thanks for posting your question. Session level tracking allows CallRail to pair the call with a user’s Google Analytics session. For source trackers, we do not have an analytics session to pair with, so we have to create a new Google Analytics session (or user) in order to register our phone call event in Google Analytics. Unfortunately, right now the only way to prevent “offline/direct” CallRail calls from being recorded as users would be to not send those calls to Google Analytics. That can be set up in the number settings if you choose to go that route. Let me know if this answers your question or if I can provide any more help with the number settings!


Thanks for the quick reply, Kate. We will go through the settings of our tracking numbers and disable Google Analytics integration for the numbers that are offline or non-website visitor related.