Who and what are Community Advisors?


You may see members of the community with the badge “Community Advisor” next to their username.

These members are power users and successful marketers in their respective industries who help the CallRail Community team by providing feedback on how we build and grow this forum to provide the best member experience possible.

You may see them jumping in on posts to help our team answer member questions or even offering some pro insider tips! Everything they do to help us out is voluntary, but they do receive thank you perks based on their level of involvement in the program, including guest blogger opportunities, swag, access to beta features and more.

Our current Community Advisors were handpicked and invited to join based on how our team sees them using the product, as well as expressing interest in becoming more involved in the community when attending CallRail events or responding to surveys. As our community grows, so will the program. If you’re interested in joining during the next round of applicants or have a question about being a Community Advisor, please reach out to yara@callrail.com and I’ll be happy to help!