Whisper message plays too soon?


Hello. I’m new to CallRail but have used Twilio a lot. My problem is that the Whisper message is playing too soon on the answering phone - and by the time we pick it up - there is no whisper message (because it’s already played before we answered).

On twilio, you could do this 3 seconds (or something similar) - and it would delay the Whisper message from playing for 3 seconds.

Is there an option for this with CallRail? Thank you in advance.


Hey @TreasureValleySEO! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As of right now, I don’t have a workaround to offer for this, but I have spoken to our product team and had a whisper message delay setting added as a feature request. I’ll update you once I hear back as to if it has been selected to move forward.

Something that would help with approval is definitely determining how much interest there is for this feature amongst other customers. If anyone else would find this feature helpful, please like or reply to this post! Use cases are always helpful :grin: