What's the easiest CRM to integrate with CallRail?


My company uses a CRM designed for behavioral health facilities that doesn’t integrate with CallRail. I think it would be a major challenge to try to integrate with CallRail through a custom development project.

I’m considering implementing a CRM specifically for our call center to handle inbound calls from our marketing campaigns. I’m curious if anyone else has done this and what company you used?


I have a couple thoughts. First, it may not be as challenging to integrate with your existing CRM as you might think. There’s some fairly simple ways to push information over via Zapier (a separate, paid service) or webhooks. Those still may not work but it’s worth looking into if you haven’t already.

Second, the primary CRM people connect to CallRail is Salesforce. There is a tight integration that allows significant customization if you decide to go down the SFDC route. Many customers also use Zoho CRM and connect to it via Zapier. You might want to see what CRMs Zapier connects to to see if our robust Zapier integration could be the best way to connect. I’m curious what other people would recommend as well so thanks for posting to the community!


Thanks, Mark. I’m pretty sure Zapier isn’t HIPAA-compliant so I don’t think we can go down that path.


@jaylane Thank you for posting the question. I am looking for a solution too for a CRM that is HIPAA complaint. @mark thank you for your reply.


You can try out LeadSquared(https://www.leadsquared.com). They have a connector built in with CallRail. Here http://help.leadsquared.com/configuring-leadsquared-callrail-connector/

Marketing Automation integrated with crm comes as an added benefit.

Healthcare client looking for CRM to work with CallRail

Hi all I would suggest looking at Oracle Sales Cloud, which is HIPAA compliant. For more information please send me a cross an email: shyam@bpiondemand.com