What's the difference between the AdWords integration and the AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call integration?


Tracking conversions is vital to assessing the success of your marketing efforts, and we know many of you are using AdWords to run PPC campaigns. If you’re looking to track calls as conversions in Google AdWords, we offer two integrations that make it easy to achieve this goal.

The first is our Google AdWords integrations, which involves keyword-level tracking. This integration allows you to capture the Google click ID (also known as the gclid) associated with each of your visitors. When a someone initiates a call from your PPC ad, AdWords will recognize the gclid we send over and record that call as a conversion. Simple, right?

Now, let’s take it a step further. In today’s mobile-first age, more marketers are creating call-only ads that feature mobile click-to-call buttons. Our second integration, the Google AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call integration, tracks keywords associated with mobile searches. We’re able to match the calls you receive with the clicks that brought them in, and you’ll be able to see which keywords are associated with calls from your call-only ads and campaigns that utilize mobile-only call extensions.

So what’s the defining difference between our two integrations with AdWords? The original AdWords integration pushes phone calls from clicks on AdWords ads into AdWords. The Adwords Mobile Click-to-Call integration pulls keywords associated with calls from your click-to-call ads on mobile devices from AdWords into CallRail.

So basically, while the AdWords integration pushes information about your phone calls from CallRail into AdWords, the AdWords click-to-call integration pulls keyword data from AdWords into CallRail.

You can follow these step-by-step instructions with screenshots on our support site to start utilizing the Google AdWords integration, and these steps to set up the Google Adwords Mobile Click-to-Call integration.


Can you push revenue values (like from keypad scoring) back into Adwords?

I’m not seeing how.


At this time that is not possible, however I will make sure you’re added to the list of customers requesting this feature and we’ll be sending out communication should this become available.