What manual processes do you do to analyze call quality after a call is completed?


CallRail has several Conversation Intelligence tools that help analyze the quality of a call. Features like CallScore, CallScribe, Keyword Spotting, and Call Highlights.

I’m curious to know if there are other manual processes you perform after a call is complete to help your business analyze the quality of calls? Are there specific questions you want answered that you aren’t able to answer with the current Conversation Intelligence offering?

Thanks for your time and feedback!


Wondering if @alancaster, @jefflogan, @AdamArkfeld or @danaditomaso have thoughts on this?


Our clients manually tag calls and add notes to assign value or tag employees etc. for training purposes.


We monitor calls pretty closely for our clients. First, we have a fairly standard set of tags for each client that we apply to each call we listen to (in most cases we listen to all calls). The tags are:

  • Missed Call
  • Qualified Lead
  • Abandoned Call
  • Duplicate Caller
  • Other

In most cases, we remove the other CallRail tags to make sure there is consistency across the accounts. Sometimes we’ll add other tags depending on the client’s reporting needs, but we try to keep those to a minimum. Then, if a sale occurs over the phone, we add the sale amount to the value field.

We’ve started experimenting with the keyword spotting to auto tag calls that we will then listen to in order to ensure that the keyword spotting tagged the call correctly. That can help if there is a large number of calls.

We also use a tag called “Learning Opportunity” if a client’s employee handled a call poorly.


Thanks for the feedback @AdamArkfeld! I would love to hear more about how Keyword Spotting is performing for you in your experimentation with it. We are always looking for more ways to improve our Conversation Intelligence features to help our customers achieve their goals while saving valuable time!