Voicemail list in Lead Center - tracking number



When viewing lead center, I can see recent voicemails, but when I select each voicemail it does not show me the tracking number that was called. I have to look at each tracking number individually to find the correct one.

Am I looking at something incorrectly?



Hi Jeff - At the top right corner of that page you should see “Tracking Number: [Company Name]”. If you hover your mouse over this, it should show you the tracking number that was called. Please confirm if that’s what you were looking for. Thanks!


So, to be clear. I have 4 voicemails, and I know that they are from 3 different tracking numbers (they are all test calls I made). When I look at the list, they all show as being to the same tracking number.


Hmmm ok. Are you able to post or DM me a screenshot of the page you’re looking at?



Upon taking a closer look at the account, it looks like calls made to multiple tracking numbers from the same number are being attributed to the first source (tracking number). This is why you can’t view which tracking numbers are associated with each voicemail in Lead Center. As a workaround, you are able to cross-reference the voicemails in Lead Center with your Call Log. The Call Log view should pull exactly which tracking number was called, no matter if you called each from the same number.

All that being said, I can see how the current setup is confusing, and I’ll absolutely share this feedback with our product team.


Thanks for the update. I did find the information in the call log, but would like to see accurate information in the Lead Center. I understand this would qualify as an edge case, but still any annoying issue.


I totally understand that! I’ll make sure to update you once I hear from our product team on this.


Just heard back from our product team - They are going to make a change so you’re able to view this information easily in Lead Center! I’ll update you when I know more about timeline. Happy Friday!