VoiceMail DELETE option


I’ve heard nothing but great things about this service. And for the most part, i love it too. However, my marketing campaign will deliver lots of junk voicemails that i need an assistant to go in and manually filter them out. I cannot believe that there is no option to delete VMs! Now i need to pay monthly for an outside service so i can forward my calls to them just so i can manage my voicemails efficiently. Seems to be a very simple thing to add in. i cannot possibly figure out why there is not an option to delete!

I will continue to use this service for now, however, i will be looking at competitors. All over a DELETE button. Please address this issue. Thanks.


Hey Mitchell! I definitely understand the need for a delete button in your use case, but there are some great work arounds that could potentially offer up a usable solution for you.

There is a function to mark a call as spam, by doing this it removes the call (or voicemail in this case) from your call log and will also challenge the caller the next time they try to call and leave a junk voicemail.

Another work around is by setting up a call flow with a menu step before your dial and voicemail steps. You could create something like “Thank you for calling! Press 1 if you’re interested in selling your house. Press 2 if you’re interested in buying a house.” Assuming that a junk caller/ robo dialer can’t press a number, you’ll hopefully see a large reduction in those junk voicemails.

If you want more elaboration on the above information, check out this CallRail Support article. It goes into depth on what I just mentioned, along with step by step instructions on how to get it done. How CallRail Prevents Call Spam


i appreciate the work around, but it just doesn’t work for me. I found a solution that will actually work better. With shear volume of junk vm from this campaign, it actually works better to forward to a freedomvoice account to manage these voicemails separately. However, i still think it is ridiculous to not have a delete option for vms. Seems very simple to add. So why not.

Thanks for you response and attempt to find a solution.