Voicemail call as a metric in the API



We provide our customers with a dashboard where they can access their clalrail metrics via the callrail’s API.

Multiple users have complained that the number of missed calls is different in callrail’s dashboard and in our dashboard (callrails API).

This is because callrails dashboard includes voicemail calls as missed calls.

We use 2 endpoints where we don’t have the voicemail call as a metric:

  • a/%s/calls/summary.json
  • a/%s/calls/timeseries.json

those 2 endpoints have fields “missed_call” and “answered_calls”. They do NOT have “voicemail_calls” metric. Having this metric here would solve the issue.

I’m aware that the parameter “answer_status” allows to filter “missed”/“answered”/“voicemail” calls but it does not work for us as if we want to work efficiently with the API then we need all those metrics in a single api call.

Can you please add the metric such as “voicemail_call” that would allow us to mimic the number of missed calls as you show it in you dashboard, and this in a single api call?

Soufiane Ghzal


Hi Soufiane,

Thanks for your feedback! We are working on prioritizing a fix for the API response to match the Missed Calls report in the application. I will keep you posted of our progress.



Hi Adam,

Have you done any progress on this one?




We have made an update to the API so the value of missed_call matches what is shown in the Missed Calls reporting in the CallRail dashboard. Please let me know how this works!




Just checked, it appears to be working well now, thank you!


Great news! Let me know if you notice anything strange.