Voice Mail Transcription Notification Enhancement


Hello. I have been having issue with my Call Rail voice mail transcriptions not populating to the alert email. With the number of inbound calls we process, and several of them going straight to voice mail purposely, this disconnect is inconvenient. I have been advised that this occurs from time to time, as the email notification is sent immediately and sometimes the transcription function needs a little more time to process. I might suggest a slight delay in deploying the email notification of a voice mail to allow the transcription to complete. I understand that this may not solve the problem 100% of the time, but may allow a few more to be properly transcribed and sent via the email alert. Thank you for your consideration.


Hi Melanie! So sorry to hear that you’ve experienced this. I spoke with our dev team and they did inform me that human transcriptions can take up to 8 minutes to send, so you are correct that it can take a little longer than when the notification is sent. Although you may see a slightly lower accuracy level, a solution to this would be to turn on CallScribe, which usually completes transcription under 2 minutes. Is that an alternative that might fit your needs? Or do you strictly prefer the human transcription?