User Role with no Source/Keyword Data exposed


I’d like to have a user role where they can’t see what I’m driving calls with for pay per lead.

Alternatively I’d like to have call and text notifications with the option to remove source keyword data.


Hello cnbscene,

Could you elaborate a bit on your fist request?


Sure. Everyone i add as a user, whether a login, or notification only user, gets access to my source (Google PPC, Google Organic, Bing PPC, etc) as well as keyword data.

I want a way to allow them to login without having access to my marketing plan. Otherwise they can just steal my hard work and run their own campaigns.

The second, less desirable option, is to have customizable notifications, where I can specify whether it includes source and keyword data on a per user level. So maybe some people on my team can see my source/keyword data but other users, like lead purchasing clients, cannot.

Let me know if you need more information, and thank you in advance for your hard work!


Interesting. Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ll bring this to the Product team for discussion and make sure to keep you updated. Have a great day!