User notification accessibility


Hi there. we see that when a new user is set up, you can’t set up user notifications until after they have accepted the invitation… this seems to be a change within the last 2 weeks.

I would like to request that this feature being taken away until after a user accepts the invitation be reconsidered for the following user interface reasons…

  1. when we set up a user for our clients, we set up the user, send out the information and generally do not circle back on that setup. We touch it and move one.

  2. MOST IMPORTANT - even if the new user never actually sets up their account, they could still get the notification (which we very much want them to get) if we, at the office, set up the notifications for that user… this won’t happen anymore and several of our clients, never actually end up setting up their user… but still get ht enotifications.

Can this please be discussed with your management and user interface department for consideration and fixed?

thank you


Hi @LaurenPatterson,

Thanks for this request! This is an interesting use case that we are actively looking to solve. We do need to keep the new security feature that requires a user to accept their invitation but we are looking into updates and enhancements that will enhance the notification set up process for users that may not have accepted yet.

Thank you for being a member of our community and CallRail customer!