Turn on/off Call Flows - switch between with 1 click


We have 6 CallFlows, 1 of which is our Main Call Flow. Our Main Call Flow is very intricate. It is used when we are fully staffed and have no staffing issues, and it took a long time setting up all the scenarios in it. However, when an agent is sick, which messes up the call flow, and we have to do an emergency override (for instance, send all calls to me), we are unable to switch to another call flow without changing all the numbers. We have 36 numbers and counting.

Is there functionality now, or in the near future, that allows us to activate a call flow with one push of the button? If not, why not? Manually switching every number to a alternative call flow is tedious and lends to human error.

Future state example: Main Call Flow is functioning. Agent on the phones has an emergency, has to leave work for 2 hours. Rather then hunting down another agent(s) to see if they can handle calls for the 2 hours, I’d like all calls to be routed to an emergency back up agent (me, or another owner). Click Main Call Flow off, click Emergency Call Flow on, and all calls come to designated back up agent.

Please help and advise, thank you


Hello ottesen88,

You should be able to achieve this by following the instructions in the link below. Once you click the link navigate to “Edit Call Routing Settings for Multiple Numbers”. If there’s anything else I can do to help please let me know.


Hi Jarrett, thanks for the response. I still do not quite understand. Please let me rephrase the question, and I will use today (Labor Day) as an example.

On normal business days, we have at least 4 different agents answering the calls on Monday. But since today is a holiday (and all staff is on vacation), I would like to “override” our existing call flow, and have all calls routed to me just for today. Then resume as normal tomorrow.

However, I had to go into our call flow and adjust the intricate routing we have so all calls come to me. Tonight I am going to have to re-wire the intricate flows so they work correctly tomorrow. I am looking for a way in which I could disable our current call flow just for today, with one push of a button (on/off button), and direct all calls today to come to me.

How can this be accomplished? thank you