Transfer calls between agents



I’m surprised no-one has brought this up, but I don’t see a request/option that allows agents to transfer calls between each other. For example if I set up a Call Flow that has a round robin between agents James and Jane and the customer is directed to James but would like to speak to Jane is there any way for James to transfer the call directly to Jane? I would imagine there are others out there who would like/need this kind of feature. And if this makes a difference, we use both physical phones and the Softphone feature.



Hi @Swiftlegalfinance,

Thanks for this feature request. We agree this is a useful feature, but it doesn’t quite fit into our current initiatives. We will be looking at our Call Flow long term and will keep this in mind as an enhancement!

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community!


This should be a standard feature for CallRail is they are going to provide a Softphone feature. I know for a fact CallTrackingMetrics has the transfer capability in their softphone feature. Got to have transfer ability if you wanna stay competitive.