Tracking your GMB calls just got a lot easier! [New Integration]



Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that today is the release of our new Google My Business Integration. Gone are the days of needing to go through the whole process of manually changing each GMB profile’s number. :tada::tada:

The new integration lets users automatically insert a call tracking number into their GMB listing, so the valuable information on leads they’d get from any other source can now come from their listing as well. The integration even lets you keep your main business line as a secondary number to maintain NAP consistency.

If you’re currently managing GMB for a client or if it’s for your own business, I highly recommend trying out the integration.

If you’re not quite convinced yet - take a look at some of our other great resources on the integration!

Blog article from one of our co-founders and CPO, Kevin Mann

Support article with a walk-through video

If you’re already ready to take advantage of the new integration, but aren’t sure how to ensure a successful GMB profile - take a look at our new Ultimate Guide to GMB, it’ll give you the kick start you need!

The Google My Business integration is available for the Call Tracking Essentials plan and higher. If there are any questions about the integration that weren’t covered, feel free to comment below!