Tracking radio commercials


Hi All,

Looking for advice on tracking radio. I have a big program starting 11/26 in the Boston market.

I have procured a CallRail # to be used in the recorded spot. Easy.

I also bought a new domain, let’s call it “” to be voiced in the spot as well. I have set it up to redirect/forward to my primary site’s home page “

Here are my questions…

  1. If someone goes to Y dot com and it redirects to X dot com, will it track that as a visit from my spot? Seems to be logging as Direct now.

  2. Should I be using a landing page? And if so, how do I set that up in CallRail?

  3. IF I get all that set up correctly, and someone clicks to the site and fills out a form and does not call, can I track that form submit back to my spot?

In other words, I want to log every call and every form submission from this major expenditure. What is the best way to do that?




Hi @pdamico! These are all great questions! I think the best resource for making sure everything is set up correctly for your new program will be to connect you with our Implementation team. I’ll submit your information and questions to them, that way they should be able to answer the questions a little better since they’d be able to take a look at your account.

In the meantime, @AdamArkfeld @danaditomaso @paulhanney @jefflogan, have you had any personal experiences with a similar setup as Pat’s?


My suggestion would be run it direct to a landing page that’s built on without the re-direct to simplify the tracking. OR, on being the main site but built in a landing page format with no menu navigation to allow them to leave the page and get lost in the website.

I use Unbounce to use all landing pages and all calls and emails are tracked from here and very clear where things have come from.

Without knowing the context of why you want to use and redirect to aside from probably using an easier domain to say in the ad, I would consider if it’s essential to do the redirect at all.

If the answer is yes, then depending on the tools you use you’ll have to speak with the tech teams.


I agree with @paulhanney about setting up a landing page on and not worrying about the redirect. If you do need to redirect for some reason, then I’d try to add some UTM parameters to the destination URL of the redirect to track all the calls, form submissions, and traffic from the radio campaign.