Tracking everything, but calls from PPC?


We are working with another company that requires we use their phone tracking for PPC tracking. I can’t find a way to have Call Tracking not work only for PPC? Any ideas?


Jeff, you’re wanting CallRail tracking to work for all visitors except for PPC traffic? The PPC traffic would then trigger another company’s call tracking software?


Yes, that is what I am needing. Do you know of a solution?


I’m not familiar with a setting or configuration that achieves exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe someone from CallRail could jump in if they have a solution.

However, if you’re tracking a single number and not a keyword pool, you could hard code that number on your website (not swap) and then have your PPC company swap off the CallRail number instead of your main line. That would allow them to track calls and have your calls continue to track.

Depending on the type of PPC campaign you’re running, you could run traffic to a landing page with the other company’s number instead of your site which is using CallRail. We see LPs generally convert higher than websites anyways so that could split your traffic to use the two tracking services.

Would any of those work for you?


Hello Adam,

Good idea of just sending all the users to a landing page instead. I will see if we can make this happen. But a solution from CallRail would be best.


Jeff, have you tested CallRail’s advanced source exclusion configuration? That’s a mouthful. :slight_smile: You could go to the configuration settings for the keyword/session tracking pool and exclude only traffic that is referred from Google PPC.

To get to advanced configuration:

To select specific sources to exclude:

I know this would work on the CallRail side. You would just need to confirm that other tracking swaps for AdWords after turning it on. I’m curious, what company requires you to use their tracking? Perhaps we could look into a way to work with them on making CallRail an option as well!


Or you could swap that company out for my company ParaCore and use CallRail that way :wink: