Tracking Campaigns and Keywords in Callrail with Adwords


Having trouble tracking campaigns and keywords in Callrail with adwords. Both those columns are blank in my callrail report. Is anyone else having this issue? Any tips to get this to work?


I’m not aware of any issues that would be causing this. Are you using session or keyword level tracking and have you connected AdWords in order to pull in the data? Sounds like a config issue.


Hey Brian! I would start with checking your account to be sure you have Keyword Tracking numbers set up to pull in keyword level data - source trackers do not provide this level of data.

Once you have your keyword pool created, the next step is checking to be sure you have added keyword parameters in your AdWords account to send call data to CallRail (otherwise CallRail won’t have permission to receive those keyword details).

This article includes instructions for how to add the keyword parameter in your Google account:

It takes 24-48 hours to populate after that so don’t be concerned if you do not see the keywords call data show up immediately. Let me know if that helps!


Does keyword tracking work for Adwords Express also? Or only the full featured Adwords product by Google? We’re mostly using Adwords Express for our own ads and ads for clients - so that’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:


Hi there! Yes you should be able to add a parameter to the end of your AdWords Express URL and have the number swap based on the landing page. This article details how to create a number to track a landing page URL: , and here is an overview of our Google AdWords Integration: . Let me know if you had any other questions re: AdWords Express!