Track Calls as Bing Ads Conversions


We need to be able to track calls from our website as conversions in Bing Ads. It’s possible for AdWords, but not Bing Ads. This is a big miss on a major advertising platform. Most of our leads/conversions come from phone calls to the website, and Bing never looks like it’s performing.

Please add this feature ASAP - Thanks!


Hello @Nate,

Thank you for your request! This request has been discussed with the product team and is currently on the roadmap. I do not have a delivery timeframe for you but I’ll make sure to keep you updated.



Also very keen for you to get this feature rolled out. Really could do with you using Bing’s gclid equivalent; msclkid to be able to attribute calls to Bing’s campaigns


Yes please your competitor Call Tracking Metrics has accomplished this using the bing offline conversion set.


Yes they have! Thinking about switching our whole agency over to CTM if Bing doesn’t get added soon. I really don’t want to, but I can’t deliver reports with “no conversions” every month.


Hi Callrail team.

Any updates on this feature? This is a big gap in our reporting, and the workarounds to get bing ads with click data are expensive .


Hello! I’m pleased to tell you that our Bing integration is entering the final stages (mostly going through quality assurance testing). I would expect this new integration to be available soon. Depending on how testing goes, we may choose to roll this out as a limited beta to start. If so, would you be interested in trying it out as a beta?

Thanks again for your interest in this!


Yes, I would be most interested!


Hi Tatum. Just let me know when and where :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone!

Our new Bing Ads integration is now live. You can check out the handy support article here.




Super easy set up. Thank you CallRail team!