Track ALL Phone Calls - Google Analytics Goals


I spoke to CallRail support today about an issue that has been plaguing me for months.; some phone calls are not being tracked in Google Analytics as a goal.

CallRail support was able to get to the bottom of this. This is happening because CallRail is only tracking individual callers in Google Analytics, not ALL phone calls.

For example:
On June 6, my client got 5 phone calls. Screenshot: 3 of the 5 phone calls were from the same person.
In Google Analytics, only 3 phone calls were tracked as a goal. Screenshot:

The whole point of using a call tracking tool is to show how many phone calls a business received. Many CallRail users are marketing agencies and they need this data in Google Analytics for reporting and ROI purposes.

Can you please allow for ALL phone calls to be tracked in Google Analytics?


Hi @dannanelli - Thank you for posting your question. The issue you’re talking about is actually the result of a limitation on Google’s end. Google only allows for one call per session to count as a goal completion. Upon looking at your account and the screenshots you provided, it appears that the 3 calls received from the same number all had time stamps within a few minutes of each other, and most likely occurred during the same session which would cause this limitation to take effect and only count the calls as one goal completion.

In an instance like this, CallRail can help by providing the numbers that called and time stamps, so you’ll be able to compare that to your Google Analytics data to understand why they are not being counted as separate goal completions.

I hope this provides some clarity! Google’s support doc on this should be able to give you with more granular information as well.



Thank you for your reply. Are you 100% certain on this? I ask because Call Tracking Metrics is able to track ALL phone calls in Google Analytics so it seems like this issue lies with CallRail not Google.


@dannanelli A goal can only be counted once per session. If you want to see total calls you should look in Google Analytics under the Behavior section in Top Events and filter for Phone. There you will see total Phone calls and you will see Unique phone calls.

This is the default behavior of Goals vs Events in Google Analytics.

Hope this helps!


Yes, this helps a ton! Thank you for finding a solution to this issue for me. I really appreciate it!


Thanks for jumping in and providing that additional info @jamesscaggs!


Many people don’t know that goals are session based – so this explanation makes sense. However, has anyone at CallRail considered allowing calls to be tracked in GA as custom metrics? That would allow for more than one call per session to be recorded and it gives us more flexibility on what we can do with the data.


Hi @danaditomaso - Circling back on this one so everyone has the update. The product team has added this as a feature request. Up til now this hasn’t been added to the roadmap mainly just due to other features being prioritized as essential. We can totally see the potential value in this though! I will provide updates as things are given timelines.