Thoughts on adding a Call Whisper to the end of calls?


I work for a behavioral health company and I haven’t been able to get our executives on board with recording calls. Our patients are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues and we don’t want to scare them away with a recording.

We’ve tried using a call whisper at the beginning of calls but because of our call center queue, the whispers play before someone answers the phone.

I suggested adding a call whisper to the end of the call. For us that, that would be great because the calls could be forwarded around to the appropriate place and we could then capture where the calls came from at the very end.

I’m curious if anyone else has run into this same situation.


One of the challenges I can see in doing this is that your call center team would have to be very diligent about terminating the call in a specific way (say, with the # key) rather than just hanging up when the conversation is complete.

Would it be possible for the call center team to use Copilot to add tags/notes to calls as they occur, and then use that data in conjunction with your CRM to close the loop?