Texting in the app


when inside the app and on the call log screen if you click on the phone number it takes you to the place call screen, but if i want to text the person I have to go to the text screen and manually type in the phone number. it would be nice if you could ‘long hold’ the phone # on the call log screen and be given the option to call or text.

also in the app, when you receive a text message response while inside the thread it doesn’t update automatically, you have to back out of the text thread and then go back in to see the reply.


Hey Scott,

This is a great idea and I’ll make sure that I get it to the mobile team! Thanks for your feedback and I’ll make sure to update you when I hear something. Have a great Friday!


I created an account just to request this feature too!


Hey jerbear1212,

I’ve logged this as a request and the product team is discussing it. Thank you for your feedback! Have a great day!


Replying for visibility. I would like this functionality as well.