Text Message Notification Icon


It would also be nice to have a notification icon on both the browser tab or within the lead center that we have a new text or a missed call. Just like we would see on our smartphones. I had to turn off TEXT email notifications because there are simply too many. The notification icon would be super helpful.


Hi @ckane407,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll take this back to the team and let you know!

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Hi @ckane407,

I reviewed this with the Product Team and they suggested using our current Alerts and Notifications which offer a Desktop Alert! It sounds like you are familiar with our Alerts and Notifications coming through via Email, but in this instance, a push alert through your web browser might better suit your needs. Here is some documentation around the types of alerts that are available for Desktop Alerts. https://support.callrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/205182825

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Bummer. Yes we use desktop alerts but when you have a team in four different location it can be difficult to see who is handling what. The notification icon would make it so much easier to see what needs to be dealt with.