Tags to be used within a CallFlow


Auto-tagging on Outbound Calls; option to set Responsive Routing for Tags (as well as Keywords)

Use Case:
Client has a Simulcall in his CallFlow. Someone calls in, doesn’t get him or his partner, goes to voicemail. If he calls them back, it should be his lead as a result. But because he called them back outbound instead of them calling in through the Simulcall, they will possibly get routed to his partner upon calling back, and then henceforth - lead lost. This could possibly be problematic for any number of sales teams that use our Call Flows!

If we could have auto-tagging on outbound calls, and then can adjust responsive routing to read for those tags (and not just keywords), this would make this whole process seamless and much more business-friendly.

Basically want to be able to assign an agent a contact (Phone Number) and also be able to have CallFlows route those numbers to the correct agent unless they have yet to be assigned to an agent, then it rings everyone’s phone.


This would be extremely useful to have, and I’d imagine that it is not too hard to do from a development standpoint. The Call Routing options are decent currently, but the logic is not the best. Being able to route calls based on Tags associated with a contact would be a huge plus.

Also being able to assign an agent to particular contacts to route calls to them in the future would be game changing.

Tl;DR: There needs to be more routing options with more granular abilities. The Logic for flows is currently lacking


This is an interesting use case. Thank you both for the feedback. I will bring this discussion to the product team. Have a great day!


This would be a great feature and I’d say pretty easy to implement. I am auto tagging calls based on Menu choices and when callers call back in I’d like to be able to route to different numbers based on tags (Sales, Support, Insurance)


Hi @BYTE_Adam,

Thanks for the request! While we think this is a great idea, we don’t have it on our roadmap currently. You can give this original request a VOTE and we’ll continue to monitor the community interest in this.

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and member of our community!