Tagging with Icons


Has anyone tried tagging with icons? If I could drop the image here - we have examples - they look awesome. - The BioRecovery Team
(It won’t let us upload the image as I am a new posting person?)


Hey, can you send the attachment to andy@callrail.com? I’ll see if I can share it here.


@JoeMay I just changed your permissions - you should be able to add an image now, but please let me know if you’re still having trouble.


Hey Joe!

Discourse (the community platform) limits uploads to members who have been around a bit longer as a way to block spam. Can you upload the icon or logo to Imgur (free) or a similar service and link it here?

Curious to see it!


Oops - looks like Kate changed your permissions. She’s quick! You should be good to post it now. :slight_smile:


Here are the screenshots Joe wanted to share – he emailed them to me directly:

50 PM


In general, we like the idea of icons associated with tags, and we discussed it internally a while ago. It’s been tougher to make the case to move it to the top of the development queue, since it’s quite a long roadmap and tag colors serve a similar (but not quite as expressive) purpose.


Can you use Emojis in tags? Example:



15 PM50 PM


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy. Sent it via email.


Whoa, didn’t think of that. This certainly isn’t a comprehensive test, but it seems to work!



Awesome! Emojis for the win. :ok_hand: