Stripe Integration Broken


I don’t think your stripe integration works properly.

I have a white label account with multiple companies in it. I have customer invoicing set up and I have had the manager of each company log in and add a credit card on file with Callrail.

I have connected Callrail to our stripe account.

I can see the Callrail invoices in our account for each company but the status shows unpaid.

I checked our Stripe account and there is not any charges related to the invoice.

Is it possible that the invoice didn’t get billed in Stripe correctly because the credit card was added after the invoice was generated?

If so we need a way to click a button to manually push the charge through.


James Scaggs


Hi @jamesscaggs! This sounds like it could be a technical issue with your account that our support team can assist with. I’ve gone ahead and submitted a ticket for you so you should be hearing from them shortly and they can help look into this a bit further. :slight_smile:


In case you or anyone else is wondering my suspicion was correct.

The credit card has to be on file before the invoice is generated in order for Callrail to process the payment to the card on file via the Stripe integration.

In my case I had added the clients card on file after the invoice was generated and I was expecting Callrail to try and process any unpaid but generated invoices.

I can’t find a way to go back and manually re-try the payment on an invoice in Callrail so I’ll just have to send that one to the client manually.