SPAM Designation > Remove from reports


We use our CallRail number on Craigslist which inevitably produces a few SPAM text messages per day.

Is there a way to remove the “blocked” numbers from the reporting? Currently we do not respond to the obvious spam text messages we receive and we will block their number. However, when end of the month we look at the report we will have say 150 text conversations but we know 30-40 of them are these spam messages. The trouble is, there is no way to quickly remove them from the reporting data. So, I have to go through and manually click on the ones that I think are spam and then tally those messages and delete them from the total.


Hi @CapMoCo - I definitely can see how that is tedious to do manually. Right now the only way to remove the blocked numbers is by archiving the text. Our team has submitted this as a feature request and I’ll keep you updated on status!


This is great. Yes, let us know when this feature has been made live, thanks!