Shortcodes for google verifications



I’ve been using callrail for years now and have enjoyed how easy it is to use but I’m running into an issue that I need to send verification codes from google to verify the number and cannot receive the shortcodes. Without the shortcode texts I cannot login into the gmb and it will get suspended. I have over 1k worth of phone lines a month and would hate to go through the hassle of switching providers but at this moment, I do not see a work around to get the code. Please fix this asap and thank you.


Hi @king Thanks for reaching out. Can you provide more detail about the issue you’re having in receiving GMB verification codes? Is this only being experienced verifying by phone? Are you able to try any of the other verification methods (via mail, email, or online via the Search Console)?


Hi Laura,
Thanks for the reply. The issue happens when I try to log into the email (Gmail) from a device other than the clients. The IP is not recognized so I have to send a verification number to the number associated with the GMB (Email does not work because I can’t log into the email in the first place). After doing some research and talking to support I found the issue was the the verification code that Google sends is a short code and automatically blocked by callrail. I can see other texts under “texts” just fine. I cannot login to the gmb for the same reason. Also, the owner (which is sometimes our company and sometimes the customers cannot add me as a provider because they cannot get the text either so no one can log in. I would really really like to stay with you guys but if I can’t get those codes then I lose the gmbs (they get suspended if I don’t log in for a long time) and there goes my business.


also, these are for already verified listings. It’s asking me to confirm the addresses I already verified by post card. Thanks!


I’d be curious on this as well. I’ve tried to use CallRail numbers as temporary forwards for Google Voice numbers, but the calls and text messages never come through. It works perfectly to any other number to which I connect, but nothing shows in my CallRail panel at all when Google Voice tries to do its verification calls.

When I planning on using CallRail primarily for a phone number, I transfer it over, but there are times that someone is out of the office for a few days and having CallRail handle the calls would be very useful.


yup, it’s because Google uses shortcodes (which unfortunately are used by a lot of spammers too) but it’s causing a real problem. I love callrail besides that.


Hi @king, Google’s guidelines state that the verification code should only go to the business owner. My best recommendation is to have the business owner complete the process and then transfer ownership as described in their support articles: and here:
It might be a better avenue to use email and/or the search console to verify. Alternately, you can use the GMB App to receive a call with the verification codes (instead of a text).


Hi @garrett, in this case, it may be best to build call flows to handle transfers, call routing, voicemail, and other features to handle after-hours and out of office times. We generally don’t recommend double-forwarding calls through Google Voice & CallRail.