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I think a HUGE opportunity for improvement is in your cell phone app. To put it bluntly, it is extremely NOT user friendly and its extremely clunky. some might call it infuriating. With how advanced some of your other features are (web hooks, analytics, etc.) this cell phone app seems like it was the first piece of code your team wrote, and never looked back or improved it. I challenge you to USE THE APP yourself and have your team use it. You will quickly come up with a HUGE list of improvements. My recommendation: Design it similar to WhatsApp or something like that.

I wrote a request to fix this previous named: “iOS phone app - multiple improvement opportunities”

in addition.

  • allow photos in texts
  • allow group texts

if you can get these items fixed, i would start recommending the service to my colleagues.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hi @matthewfgpm - Thanks for sharing your response. While we are constantly working to provide updates and features that improve our customers’ experience, there are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration when adding things to our roadmap. We’ll be sharing a post soon that provides a deeper look into how our process works, with the intent of being as transparent as possible about how features are chosen and prioritized. Our product team is aware of the requests you’ve shared here, and we will be sure to update you if they are prioritized.

As for this specific call for feedback, we’re looking for users to sign up for usability testing and surveys to help us understand where we can improve and how our users interact with our product. If you’re interested in participating in our testing or surveys, I encourage you to sign up using the form above to be included in our research initiatives! Feedback like yours is extremely valuable as we look to build new features and make improvements to our current offerings.


When I try to connect Google Data Studio to a white labeled account I get an error. But it is allowed on a non white labeled account

You really need to include the ability to have white labeled accounts’ data be sent to Google Data Studio so that all types of conversions (eg form fills, calls, etc) can be viewed in ONE report. As an agency, that is what clients ask for.

Your technical supports response to this error was that “white labeled accounts are not allowed because of security reasons”? But integration is allowed on non white labeled accounts? That doesnt make any sense and I know is just a bogus answer.

Please fix this!


Hi @rpatzman - Thanks for sharing your question! The answer to this is that unfortunately we have no way to hide that the connection from CallRail to GDS is via “The CallRail Connector”. To turn it on you have to go to GDS and activate the “The CallRail Connector”. We have no way to hide the name of the connector or white label it, so in this case it really defeats the purpose of white label - your customers will go into GDS and see the CallRail logo on the connector. Our white labeled product hides all mentions of the name CallRail and CallRail logos, so for that reason we cannot allow the connection.

Furthermore, limitations with the Google Data Studio API keep us from finding an optimal way to white label the connector. The way we currently are able to write the code to enable this integration doesn’t allow us to do that and maintain a streamlined user experience.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes in reporting for your clients, but hopefully this sheds some light as to the reasoning behind us not allowing the connection.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns!