Sending Text Messages Directly To a Mobile Phone


Rather than being sent directly to the mobile phone, I believe that text messages currently come through to Lead Center and can only be viewed/replied to by businesses via their CallRail Account or the mobile app.

Are there any plans to allow text messages to send directly through to mobile devices in the future?



Hi @Morgan_Jarvis,

Thank you for this request! The current method of sending/receiving text messages is based on 2 concepts:

  1. By keeping texts in CallRail or in the CallRail Mobile App, we can track your lead through it’s entirety and you have all the data around that lead in one place.
  2. The end user receives a text back from the same number they texted. If we push the text directly to a mobile device outside of a CallRail app, then when you reply, it would be coming from your direct number, not the tracking number the end user texted, which could be jarring for the end user.

That said, we do understand responding to texts directly from your phone without the CallRail interface would be easier for the business owner and this is on our research list to look into how to add this functionality in the future.

I hope this helps! Thank you for being a member of our community and a CallRail customer!


Thank you for the explanation and for looking into possible future solutions!