Send Calls as Facebook Standard Event Types


The Facebook integration sends the call to facebbok as “offline other converions”. However, it’s possible to send offline standard events. It would make more sense to send the call as “offline lead” or “offline contact” events (or let us choose the type of standard event). When we create a Facebook campaign, we have to set a conversion event type and Facebook choose this event type to optimize the campaign. We can’t use “offline other conversions”, so we can’t use FB’s machine learning with our past call data. If the events were from the “lead” or “contact” standard event type, FB would take them in consideration for its campaign optimisation.

It’s possible to create a custom conversion and use this as a campaign objective, but as it’s explained here (Facebook Custom Conversions + Offline Event Sets), this means that we can only use one type of conversion (just the form or just the phone call)

Facebook Custom Conversions + Offline Event Sets

I haven’t used the Facebook integration yet, but hope to do so in the near future. This suggestion just makes so much sense. +1


Hi @PhilippeCL, thanks for this request. I would like to review this request with the larger team to see if it is a good fit.

Just to clarify - are you talking specifically about using the Guided Setup for Facebooks Ads? And then using ‘Conversions’ as the optimization metric?


No, I’m talking about the way calls are sent to Facebook. It should use a standard event type like “lead” or “contact” instead of the “other offline conversion” type. The best would be if we can choose the event type during the integration set up.


Hi @PhilippeCL, thanks for responding and sorry for any confusion. I understand the change requested to the CallRail integration, which is to send Calls as offline conversions using either “Lead” or “Contact” as the conversion type instead of “other offline conversion” type. My question was aimed at how this is referenced in the Campaign setup on Facebook side as an objective, so we can be sure to assess this end to end with the right use case.

Either way, we agree that this is a value-add to the integration and have added this to our roadmap. I don’t have an ETA yet but will post updates here to this thread.

Thanks again for the request and for being a member of the CallRail community!