Send a Text Message Response Within a Call Flow


Hello CallRail team,

I checked with support, and this doesn’t seem to be a feature yet. It’d be really helpful if an automated text message could be setup to go to a user from within a call flow either automatically or based on a menu selection.

And to the community - would this be helpful for anyone else?




Hello vinc,

Thank you for your request! I will bring this to the product team so that we can start discussing it. Have a great day!


I agree that this would be a great feature. Automated text responders would be sweet. Same thing might be able to be accomplished through a Zapier integration too.


Would love to see a feature like this! “Press 1 to request a return phone call”, and the system allows the caller to use the number they are calling from or change it. Keep it simple at first & see if folks actually use it :slight_smile: