Search Texts in Lead Center


We find it difficult to find specific texts from clients. It would be nice to have a “search” field in LeadCenter to easily find old texts. Currently, there is only a filter option and you can only filter by CallRail Number.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hi @ckane407,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll bring this up with the Product Team and keep you posted on any decisions.

Thanks for being a CallRail customer and member of our Community!



Hi @ckane407

Thanks again for this request. The team is actively looking at Lead Center enhancements and search functionality is on the list of upgrades. We don’t have a timeline yet, but we’ll keep you posted when we do.

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community!



Awesome! Please Please lobby them for the text or missed call indicator!! Just like our phones, its nice to see something that needs attention.