Samples returned for Zapier Integration should be newest, not oldest


When creating a zap using the “Phone Call Started” trigger, the samples returned by Callrail are the oldest phone calls on the account. This query should be changed to return the newest phone calls from the account.


Hi Riverine- this makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for the request. We’ll take this back to our roadmapping meeting and work to get this prioritized. Thanks again!


Hi @Riverine,

Thanks again for this request. We talked this through with the team and was curious about your use case for needing the sample to be the newest calls. Once phone calls start zapping, it will be real time, so newest, so we we would love more details on why the sample should be updated?



When setting up a zap I am getting calls from 2013 which has legacy fields which are no longer in use and so it makes setting up new zaps a pain. Further, when testing, I want to be able to create the sample that is being used for testing, so by calling I can create the most recent, which would be in my samples.