RingCentral to CallRail forwarding issues


Anyone that can help,

I run an answering service via CallRail.

We create a tracking number for each client, that we give to them, and they plug into their system to forward any call they miss to us.

(note: about 50% of the time I call customer support, they say what I do is not possible. I still don’t understand why)

We have several clients. At any given time, 24/7, we have one rep sitting at home ready to answer calls. They go to each tracking number and switch it to their personal call flow, which just routes to their phone number and is set to ring for 60 sec.

We’ve done this with many clients without issues.

For whatever reason, we have a lot of issues trying to work with clients that have RingCentral.

They try to plugin the tracking number I’m giving them, but when they route calls to us, we often get a message “I’m sorry, I did not hear you”. It appears that when we get that, it goes to the clients voicemail.

This is for two clients now. Any suggestions?


Hi @spineynorman! Are you able to provide a few call examples of when this has occurred? If you prefer to DM, that works!