Responsive routing FILTER


Looking to request a feature to add a responsive routing feature so that we can filter the phone number the caller is dialing from.

For example, let’s say we run a support company for technicians and there are random people calling for support along with technicians who need priority. We can direct a list of “priority caller numbers” to one phone number (bypassing reception, menu etc) since they have been screened before. Then we would direct unknown callers to the receptionist or other responsive routing feature like voicemail.

I think there should be two options. Filter a single number, or filter multiple numbers. We could import a list of phone numbers who are ‘whitelisted’.

Another example case can be to filter certain phone numbers as emergency numbers. So if a caller dials in after hours, that call will still go through because it’s a VIP phone number.

I think this would be a great addition and straight forward feature we could all use.


I previously added a request for Responsive Routing by tag, which I think cover your use-case, since you can then easily tag any calls from the Lead Center, and then setup Responsive Routing by that tag. See Call Flow Updates and vote :smile: