Reporting on Call Data in Google Analytics


I’m curious if anyone uses Google Analytics to track call activity for qualified calls. I can see in the documentation that you can set up events to track first-time calls but I’m curious if it’s possible to set up events for unique calls (slightly different than first-time calls) that last at least 60 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


I think I understand what you’re looking for. First off, definitions to make sure we’re on the same page:

First Time Caller: Callers that have never called a particular tracking number or tracking pool before. CallRail looks at all past caller IDs to a particular tracking number/pool and when a brand new one calls, it is counted as a First Time Caller.

Unique Caller: This is the same as above but is date-range dependent. Unique Callers for a given date range might include Repeat Callers to that tracking number/pool.

If you’re working with the same definitions as above, then there isn’t a way (that I’m aware of) to create events for unique callers. Because Unique Callers requires a date range, and that date range would be chosen in Google Analytics not CallRail, the definition sort of falls apart for Unique Callers in GA. Does that make sense?

You can definitely tweak the criteria for when CallRail sends call events over to Google Analytics by going to the integration triggers settings page. You can filter for minimum duration, first time caller, lead status (CallScore qualified leads), call type, tracking number/pool, and tags. Support article on that here.

I hope that’s helpful! I’m curious to see if someone else has figured out how to accomplish what you’re looking for though.