Replace multiple different phone numbers on a site


I have been running into many situations where more than one phone number is in use on a website. This can be because there are pages for different branches/languages that need to direct calls to different numbers, or individual staff with different numbers.

I would love it if there was an easier way to deal with this, particularly through the WordPress plugin. For example, if I want people visiting the French side of the site to use one number pool and the people on the English side of the site to use a different number pool since they need to be directed to phone systems and staff in their own language.

In the meantime, if there’s any kind of workaround I would love to hear about it!


Isn’t this what you’re after?


Hey there @tangible - just to clarify, do you have a different hard-coded number listed on the French and English sides of your site? Or are you using a single hard-coded number across all of these different pages and want to swap based on both the marketing source, and where the call needs to be routed?