Remember Portal settings


To me, this is not so much a feature request, as a usability problem.

Say you are in the call tracking portal, Reports Tab, and are viewing “All Companies” for the date range “Today”.

If you click the Settings tab and then go back to the Reports tab, the date range changes to “Recent.” It then takes 4 clicks to reset the date range back to “Today.”

There are many other examples where the system overrides your settings when you navigate the site.

I would like the system to remember your settings and not change them as it does today.

Furthermore, I would like to be able to change the date range without requiring 4 clicks.



Hi Larry,

I totally hear you on this one, and we are working on some changes to make things better. I’m not sure if you’ve looked at the new Call Log preview we launched last week, but a part of those changes makes changing the date range faster (2 clicks). We also are storing the date range as part of your session, so that even if you navigate away and come back, it will still be set to what you selected.

These changes will only affect reports on the new design, which haven’t come to the reporting section yet, but they are on the Call Log, Unique Callers, and Voicemails reports once you opt-in to the preview. We will be updating all of the reports over the next few months to have this new session storage.