Receive Images Via Text


The company I work for is in the real estate industry, and a lot of the times we requests pictures of a property from our clientele. We’ve been asked before if we would allow that, and because we would like to keep personal cell phone numbers personal we have declined receiving them that way. If we were able to receive images, that would really help us out on a customer service front, as well as in terms of capturing leads better as they would be sending us info from the best number to reach them back with.

How would the ability to receive images help others? I’m curious to know and hopefully gain more support in this to become a new feature.


Hi @katjbroyles! Thanks for sharing about this challenge. I definitely understand how this would help improve your customer service for clients. Unfortunately, while we have heard this feature request from several other community members, we are working with some limitations at the moment that prohibit us from currently adding this to product roadmap. Our director of product, @bryan, answered this more fully in this previous thread.

In the meantime, while understandably not a perfect solution, one workaround I would suggest trying is sending photos via links and asking clients to send you photos via links from Google Photos or iCloud. I hope this helps!


Hello, I am also in the real estate industry and my customers will also send images via text… and seems to almost be unavoidable. I tested the service with a picture AND text and unfortunately when there is a picture involved, no text comes in at all; which means a lot of things in my business will slip through the cracks.

I understand Callrail is working on this and there are limitations. However I wanted to let you know that RingCentral has developed the ability to do this (with pictures, unfortunately there does not seem to be the ability of texting a file yet - if ever). I don’t know if it would be feasible for CallRail to do so, but perhaps the technology could be licensed from RingCentral - or at least the RingCentral direction can be looked into for insight on how to potentially do this?


Totally Agree! Texting is nice, but we really would have no need for texting for our business model. Texting images and videos though would be extremely valuable to us. This would help us a lot