Rearrange Columns in "Call Log" on "Activity" page


It would be very helpful if I could change the order in which the columns appear in the “Call Log” section of the “Activity” page. There are certain columns I would like to see without scrolling to the right.


Hi @bpotter,

Thank you for this request! Have you tried removing any columns that are’t as important to you? You can do this under “Table Settings”.

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community!


Hi Christina,

Yes, I have removed other columns. Even if I hadn’t I think this would be a helpful feature.


Hi @bpotter,

Glad to hear you’ve utilized the existing Table Settings. This is the first request we’ve heard to rearrange the columns and the effort to complete this task is quite high. Given that, the team would like to leave this request open for voting. We value all the requests the come through our customers but unfortunately can not complete them all. If this request gets more votes I will bring it back up with our team for evaluation!

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and member of our community!