Questions about advanced tracking


I would like to combine targeting for my dynamic number insertion, such as swap when user comes from AdWords AND lands on a particular page since we have multiple AdWords accounts and I’d also like to assign them by campaign.

  1. Is advanced tracking available only in the keyword pool option? I can’t find it under the regular set up

  2. Are the fields AND or OR?

  3. Can you enter regex expressions into the fields? (also can you use regex in the normal targeting setup?)


Hi Amy!

Currently, advanced tracking options are only available for keyword-level tracking. I think that’s a great idea for a feature request though as I definitely see how that could be useful for single source tracking numbers as well. I’ll be sure to pass that feedback on to our product team!

Those fields are currently “OR” fields and they do not accept regex expressions, nor do the standard tracking setup fields. If you would like to set those up as an “AND” situation, I recommend using the Landing Params swap option and using very targeted landing parameters for each of your campaigns. That field can accept multiple parameters at once.


This is very helpful, thanks!