Pulling User's Information via API


Making a request to retrieve a user’s information via the API to pull the agent phone number data. This feature will allow us to create customizable reports on the Users making outbound calls.


Hi @kathy,

You may be able to get what you need from the Calls endpoint today. The calls endpoint has an optional field called agent_email that can be added to the response through field selection. That field will show the email address for the agent that answered or made the call. It will work for both inbound & outbound calls. You can also filter that same endpoint by direction=outbound which would limit the results to only outbound calls.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a member of the CallRail community!


Hello @Laura,

I’m reviewing the agent_email field, the description states, “Email address for the user who answered the call, when applicable.” I’m not necessarily looking to retrieve the data on the specific agent who answered the call, I’m looking for the agent who made the outbound call.


Hi @kathy that field will also return the agent that made the call for outbound calls.


Hi @Laura

Would you consider pulling the agent phone number data via API, in the future?


Hi @Laura, we definitely need the agent phone numbers exposed via the API if at all possible. we are integrating outbound calling with another system, and the only data point that exists in both systems is the phone number. We can see the phone numbers in your UI, so I wouldn’t imagine it would be too difficult to expose them via the API. Please advise.


Hi @Duncan & @kathy, thanks for your request. We’ll review it and determine if it’s a good fit for our roadmap.


Hi @Duncan & @kathy, We reviewed this request and will not be proceeding with it at this time.

Agent & Users are not assigned a 1:1 with phone numbers. This is why we make the agent_email field available on the Calls endpoints, so customers can pull the specific Agent that made each outbound call or received each inbound call.

Alternately, if the agent is always placing calls from the same number, you can use the business_phone_number field in the Calls API, which will provide the phone number that placed the call for Outbound Calls (for Inbound, it provides the business destination number that the call was routed to).

Please let me know if you have any further questions on this - thank you!