Publish a Roadmap


Many of the feature requests I register I have raised with Support prior. Would be nice if the development team could publish a roadmap that plots accepted feature requests on a timeline

Would be nice to know that contributing enhancements to your product are acknowledged and reported back so that it doesnt feel like a blind lottery
or if no roadmap - giving some indication of what criteria you use to determine whether a feature request will be developed in… number of votes?

Otherwise I fear that people will soon become uninterested in making suggestions that just dont come to fruition… some of mine i have not heard back from support for over 4 month hence why i am reverting to this section to try to be heard.


Hi @luigidon - Thanks for your persistence in leaving feedback on this forum. We absolutely value that you’ve taken the time to share what product enhancements are important to you. To address your request for the product roadmap, one thing @Jarrett and I will be doing each month going forward is publishing a list of the feature requests submitted here from the past month and providing a status update as we can on what progress or decisions have been made regarding development. You can expect to see that posted here later this week!


Excellent - thank you Kate
If @Jarrett could go a step further and publish an indicative release date after development team have assessed that would be great value add !