Pro tip: Serve up local numbers based on a website visitor’s IP address


Hey there,

I wanted to make sure you saw the news about our new feature, Local Swap. Most of you are probably familiar with Dynamic Number Insertion for source-level call tracking, and many of you are probably using it.

We recently took the concept of DNI –– intelligently serving up a tracking number to website visitors based on their originating source –– and added a pretty cool layer to it. With Local Swap, CallRail users can intelligently display a tracking number from their pool with an area code that’s native to the visitor’s IP address.

This, of course, will help to instill confidence in potential callers and break down any barrier that may stem from calling an unfamiliar area code. Some of you probably remember us discussing this concept as “geo-display” in a previous thread offering a workaround to achieve the same result. We’re super excited to now offer this as a feature!

Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up Local Swap.

If you’re using Local Swap already, we’d love to know how it’s going or hear any best practices you’ve uncovered since activating the feature. Please share them here.