[Pro Tip] Activate keyword indicators & make the most out of your recordings


Hey guy - if you’re here, you’re probably aware that one of CallRail’s most powerful features is call recording.

We’d love to hear how you’re using it, and wanted to let you know about a little enhancement we made to it recently. Call recordings, of course, make it super easy for you to reference specific moments in specific phone calls without having to listen to the full duration of the call. And to make call recording navigation even easier, we recently rolled out a full-width waveform, giving you the ability to obtain even more actionable insights. I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it, so I wanted to briefly share how to get started with it below.

Check out these tips to get started:

  1. Make sure call recording is turned on (added bonus: it’s included free-of-charge in all CallRail plans!)
    In order to take advantage of the new, easily-consumable waveform that spans across the timeline, you must have call recording activated.

  2. Activate Keywords Spotted & Call Highlights for the whole picture
    Activate [CallScribe] for the most effective and detailed analysis of calls. By turning this on, it enables users to pre-define keywords or phrases relevant to your business. Call Highlights will automatically recommend words or phrases perceived to be relevant.

  3. Keyword indicators make for instantaneous absorption of the most pertinent info
    Hover over speaker-coded keyword indicators to see exactly where words you’re looking for (and words you’re missing) are spoken in a conversation and by whom. Use data to enhance ad campaigns or improve existing keyword spotting capabilities.

  4. Efficiently navigate conversations with new progress bar
    Jump to different parts of the conversation without losing your place for productive conversation analysis. Click on keywords spotted and call highlights to dive into the piece of the call that’s most relevant to you.

Read more on the enhanced waveform with keyword indicators here.